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Seed marketing

Seed marketing

Seed marketing is one of the vital component of seed technology. In broad sense it covers all the activities involved in the flow of seeds from production to consumption. However in narrow sense it refers to the actual acquisition and selling of packed seeds, intermediate storage, delivery and sales promotional activities. Seed marketing comprised the followings


  1. Demand forecasts
    • Total cultivable area, seed rate, SRR, Seed multiplication ratio

    • Impact of extension efforts

    • Current acreage under high yielding varieties

    • Farmers preferences

    • No and size of compotators

    • Kinds of publicity and sale promotional activities.

    • Climate of the area where seed is being marketed.

  2. Marketing Structure
  3. Arrangement for storage of seeds
  4. Sales promotional activities
    • Print Media-News paper/news letters/Ads/ Posters/Banners

    • Electronic Media-Cinima slides/Radio and TV/Mobiles/kisan call centres/Internet

    • Krishi melas

    • Field demonstrations

    • Folk ways-skits/Mimes

    • Project approaches-seed village concept

    • Educational Institutions approaches-ATIC

  5. Post sales service
    • Technical help

    • Quick follow-Up

    • Attending the complaints

  6. Economics of seed production and pricing Seed Production cost
    • All costs of crop production

    • Cost of foundation seed

    • Cost of specialized planting(Hybrids; male &Female sowing)

    • Cost of other special operations(Detaselling, emasculation)

    • Cost of additional supervision required in raising a seed crop

    • Seed certification fee

    • Other expenses: Construction of separate threshing yard or cleaning of floor and machineries.

    • Supervision of harvesting

    • Separate harvesting

    • Drying losses

    • Sorting of undesirable ears/heads/cobs

    • Additional transportation

    • Seed processing rejection

    • Seed processing and testing chargers

    • Seed marketing costs

    • Seed storage and transportation charges

    • Distribution and sales promotional costs

SEED Pricing

  1. Production, processing and storage cost

  2. Distribution cost

  3. Whole sale margin

  4. Retail margin

  5. Sale promotional costs

  6. Risk costs

  7. Over heads

  8. Profit

  9. Compotators price

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