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Leafy vegetables

A potential benefit of green leafy vegetables and fruits in providing vitamins and other trace materials has long been known. These are the potential sourse of diat fiber and have beneficial effect on type II diabetes.

Green leafy vegetables traditionally include cabbages, cauliflowers, lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, and some herbs like parsley and dill. These contain a lot of fiber, polyphenols, Group B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and other trace elements.

The fibers, soluble and insoluble, increase colon transit time of food residue, help to form bulk of stool, absorb toxins and provide an ideal environment for growth of good bacteria. Recently a group of scientists propose that a low level of endotoxin flow exits from the intestine to circulation and particularly those following sedentary lifestyle.

Endotoxin is produced by the bacterial flora that naturally inhabit intestines. These endotoxins flood liver, set inflammation, derange the glucose metabolism, set insulin resistance and, in this way, may help diabetes to set in. It is possible that the fibers from the vegetables may flush away the toxins along with it and thus prevent diffusion into the circulation. This mechanism may play a role in preventing diabetes.

Fiber in the diet eases constipation and lessens the contact period of toxins with the colonic inner cell lining, and thus may prevent colon cancer. Polyphenols, beta-carotene, vitamin C, magnesium and polyunsaturated fatty acid contents in fruits and leafy vegetables may act as an antioxida

It is paradoxical that consumption of some vegetables may give rise to certain diseases. Ingredients present in cabbage may cause hypothyroid and form goiter. Absorption of iron, calcium and certain other minerals is decreased if taken along with green leafy vegetables. These fibers after fermentation in the intestine may cause flatulence and discomfort in the abdomen.

The beneficial effects may not be seen if given in form of food supplements. Balanced consumption of green leafy vegetable and fruits may help people in many ways.

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Harticulture Crop Production


1. Mango : To prevent flower & fruit drop-spray alpha-NAA 0.5 ml in 1ltr water two times once at flower stage and another at pea stage
2. Banana : Increase size and weight of finger-spray 2-4-D 3g in 10ltr. Water at the opeing of last hand in the bunch. (use 250ml solution per bunch)
3. Grapes ; To increase fruit and bunch size- spray GA 20 ppm(20mg per litre of water)at flowering stage and 50ppm (50mg per litre of water)at fruit forming stage. To increase fruit size, sweetness and uniform ripening-spray enthrel prevent fruit drop after harvest-use 100 ppm alpha-NAA one week prior to cutting.
4. Sapota : To prevent flower dorp-spray alpha-NAA 3ml in 10 litres of water at flowering stage.
5. Pomegranate: To prevent flower and fruit spray alpha aminozyde 2000ppm two times at flowering stage.
6. Orange : To prevent fruit drop& increase fruit set-spray GA@ 50ppm
7. Papaya : To increase female trees & taste-spray GA@ 25ppm at 2/12 to 3 months stage.
8. Guava : To reduce seeds-spray GA@ 100 ppm before opening of the flower.
9. Tomato : To increase fruit set-spray GA@ 50 ppm or 2-4d @ 2 ppm+1% urea at flowering stage.
10. Brinjal : To increased fruit set-seed treatment with 5 ppm with 2-4D for 24 hours of spray 2-4D @2ppm while flowering
11. Chilies : To prevent flower and fruit drop-spray alha-NAA@25ml in 225 litres of water on 65th day of maturity and 75 ml in 340 litres of water on 85th day.
12. Cucumber : To increase in ratio of female flower-spray alpha-NAA @ 100 ppm at 2 leaf stage.
13. Snakegourd % pumpkin : To increase female flower-spray ethrel@ 25ml in 100 litres of water from 3 leaf stage to weekly interval.
14. Ridgegourd : To increase the yield- spray ethrel @2.5 ml in 10 litres at 10-15 day after germination and spray 4 times at weekly interval.
15. Frenchbeans : To increase fruit set-spray 2-4D @ 2ppm
16. Cauliflower : To increase yield-spray ethrel @250 ppm at flowering stage.s

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