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AGRICULTURE is a science, art, practice and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, and its development has been driven and defined by greatly different climates, cultures, and technologies. However, all farming generally relies on techniques to expand and maintain the lands suitable for raising domesticated species. Agriculture is the only culture on the earth which doesn’t have an alternative.

There was a major breakthrough in agriculture production in the begining of 20th century with the introduction of dwarf high yielding varieties and innovation of hybrids. Since last decade in many of the crops the yields are stagnated and need high thorough input to maintain sustainability. Agriculture production is not cop off with world population increase. This emphazizes maximization of production per unit area through multiple cropping, appropriate technologies and precision farming which ensures world food/nutrition security.

“If we take care of the land, it will take care of us.”

- Hugh Hammond Bennett, first Chief of NRCS


  1. - It is a comprehensive source for seed, seed statistics, National seed plan, seed acts, seed rules, New seed policy ect.

  2. It is a comprehensive source for Indian agriculture statistics which is regularly updated. It provides authentic statistical information on sectors like agricultural education, agricultural export, agriculture census, agriculture prices, agricultural insurance, animal husbandry, agricultural marketing, horticulture production, agricultural wages and all other relevant agricultural statistics of India. It also provides the agriculture related news.

  3. site is all about the Indian society of agribusiness professional (ISAP) which works for helping the farmers' community and address the rural- urban income divide. It is a network of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and developing countries.

  4. - It is a site of Indian agriculture resource center. It provides news, market update, technology, directory of companies and agricultural services.

  5. This website gives detail information on agricultural marketing such as commodity exchange packages, Individual exchange, external exchange quotes, services on portal and agri watch services.

  6. - This site provides, information regarding tea and coffee- statistics (on production and sale), catalogues (of area- wise sale of different varieties of tea and coffee in India), market reports and TASI.

  7. > is the site by Food Corporation of India. It works for effective price support, food security, price stabilization and distribute food grains through public distribution system for the benefit of both farmers and consumers.

  8. website attempts to provide a platform for rural farming community and an attempt to catalyse e-commerce in rural agricultural and non-farm products and provide economic well being to rural areas. It is a network of partnerships which bring commerce, technology and value added information to help expand the choices of rural India and make farming and SME activities a profitable business.

  9. Information on cotton, rice, wheat, oilseeds, pulses, spices, coffee, and tea. This site requires registration, login and payment.

  10. web directory of links for farmers and growers, including jobs, bulletin boards, news. To view this site one should be an authorized user.

  11. consultancy, planning, advice, and implementation of rainwater harvesting schemes.

  12. - The site provides brief information on Indian crops, major mandies, current price and weather forecasts for crops, cold storage and warehouses, agricultural loan schemes, and insurance scheme of farmer. It also gives the global agricultural news.

  13.'s India's first multilingual agricultural portal providing information on soil, soil water conservation, plant protection, diseases, soil fertility and fertilizer use, farm management, crops- commercial, plantation, field, cropping patterns, geographical utilization- water resources and land utilization.

  14. - This Indian agriculture website gives production guidelines and post harvest management on field crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, aromatic plants, medicinal plants. Technology options on food technology, manures/fertilizers, agri - engineering, dairy technology, fisheries /pisciculture, poultry management. http.

  15. - The site also gives detail information on crop production technology, animal husbandry, fisheries, farm based enterprises on (sericulture, mushroom production, kitchen garden, vermi composting, agri-business, rural technologies) and best practices on "new method of growing rice", and precision farming.

  16. - The websites describes the latest in the agricultural scenario and Indian agro industry, agricultural reserves, EXIM policies, trade leads, business directories, catalogs and related international events, Indian Agriculture Industry Portal is the right business to business (b2b) platform. Exporters & importers directory, agro business catalogs, Indian agricultural products, agricultural commodities, agriculture programmes & schemes

  17. Indian society of agribusiness professionals (ISAP) is a non- government, non-profit organisation. It is a network of agriculture and allied sector professionals in India and developing countries. Its vision is to instill economic security and stability among farming community particularly small and marginal farmers through holistic development of agriculture and rural sector.

  18. - Website on agriculture will lay stress on the agricultural sector, employment, opportunities, industrial sector and infrastructure. The site also displays the plant protection information network, rashtriya krishi vikas yojana, and national food security mission.

  19. - This website of Department of Agriculture research and education, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

  20. - agricultural and processed food products export development authority (APEDA) is mandated with the responsibility of export promotion and development of the scheduled products like: floriculture, fruits and vegetables, processed foods, organic foods, animal products and cereals. In addition to this, APEDA is also responsible to monitor export of some non -scheduled items such as basmati rice, wheat, and coarse grains and also import of sugar.

  21. - The website Department of fertilizers, Govt. of India, gives information on different aspects of fertilizer.

  22. Ministry of food processing industries, is the main central agency of the Government responsible for developing a strong and vibrant food processing sector; with a view to create increased job opportunities in rural areas, enable the farmers to reap benefit from modern technology, create surplus for exports and stimulating demand for processed food.

  23. - This is an agricultural market site. This website has portals on Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) which undertakes standardization, grading and quality control of agricultural and allied produce, market research and surveys, market development, promotion of cold storages, AGMARK statistics, etc., marketing boards, price trend and price behavior.

  24. fertilizer ltd. is the second largest producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the country. They produce urea and fertilizers which are beneficial for all types of crops.

  25. This website gives in detail about fertilizer statistics in India, fertilizer prices and fertilizer marketing in India.

  26. National Agricultural Innovation Project aims to facilitate an accelerated and sustainable transformation of the Indian agriculture so that it can support poverty alleviation and income generation through collaborative development and application of agricultural innovations by the public organizations in partnership with farmers' groups, the private sector and other stakeholders.

  27. related to Agricultural Economics and provides detailed information of Agricultural Economics- Ag Econ Jobs, Ag Econ Newsletter, Ag Econ Extension, Ag Econ Class Notes, Ag Econ Internships, Ag Econ Publications, Ag Econ Calendar, Ag Econ Pictures, Ag Econ Links, Ag Econ Search, Ag Econ Contacts

  28. is an e-governance Project of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, being executed by National Informatics Centre to facilitate agriculture-on-line.

  29. - International Crops Research Institute for the Semi- Arid Tropics is a non-political research organization that serves the poorest of the poor in the semi-arid areas of the developing world. ICRISAT deals with not only crops in the semi-arid tropics. It also helps empower the poor of the dry tropics - the men, women and children.

  30. - This website gives a total overview on crop production, crop pattern, crop yield, irrigation, soil management, precision farming, relevant products and relevant links. The website as gives the overview of precision farming in Indian agricultural scenario.

  31. is a comprehensive agri portal addressing the information, knowledge and business requirements of various players in the agri arena viz., farmers trade channel partners and agri input / output companies. Leveraging information technology and extensive field presence, Ikisan is positioned as an information / knowledge exchange.

  32. main aim is to make the farmers aware of the new and developed techniques used for farming. It includes from selection of crops, farming, cropping system, irrigation, seeds and other important information.

  33. Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) is an autonomous apex national organization registered as a society which plans, conducts and promotes research, education, training and transfer of technology for advancement of agriculture and allied sciences.

  34. - Punjab Agricultural Department the major objective of the Department of Agriculture are imparting training to the farmers about latest technology developed by research institutes for the production of different crops, monitoring the supply and quality of agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation water and machinery and equipments etc.

  35. - This agricultural site shows new schemes related to farmers, facilities given to them, latest techniques, new agri policies, quality control, useful machines, insects/diseases of crop and many useful information's related to agriculture.

  36. Agriculture Council (IAC). This website promotes the conservation, development and use of our agricultural resources of our people.

  37. Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) is a national level farmers' co-operative marketing organization, provides remunerative prices to the farmers for their produce, stabilizes prices of essential commodities and ensures timely payment, promotes co-operative marketing of agricultural produce, bridges the gap between the consumer and the producer.

  38. of Agricultural Marketing functions to provide marketing facilities to agricultural producers so that they can get fair prices for their produces.

  39. The Department of Agriculture Research and Education (DARE) coordinates and promotes agricultural research & education in the country.

  40. - Indian Institute of Social Sciences, Bhopal provides information on scientific basis for enhancing and sustaining productivity of social resources with minimal environmental degradation. It also provides information on the latest software developed for soil testing methods.

  41. websites has a collection of various sites related to agriculture and have links to Govt. institution, agricultural universities, state links, and international organizations.

  42. of agriculture, Govt. of Maharashtra provides information on seed, fertilizer, insecticide, marketing / export and statistical data of different agricultural products.

  43. to disseminate useful information about improved technology to the farming community and service providers in the rural areas. It aims to create a platform for different levels in the rural agricultural landscape - farmers, cooperatives and professional bodies, farm machinery vendors, fertilizer and chemical companies, insurance regulators and agronomists, consultants, and farm advisors.

  44. - Institute of micronutrient technology helps in meeting agricultural and technical needs through research and analyzes nutrient requirements of crops, developing products based on the nutrient requirements of crops and providing the agricultural community with knowledge of balanced plant nutrient (BPN) and micronutrients.

  45. - this website gives detail information on organic farming.

  46. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is a research and training centre established to improve the health of rice farmers.

  47. - This is an extensive agricultural information portal operating globally.

  48. http://agriculture.exportersindia.comExportersindia maintains a large database of exporters of agricultural products which includes fertilizers, pesticides, animal extracts, agricultural product stocks, vegetable oil, irrigation equipment, fruits & juices etc.

  49. website has many links related to agriculture like agriculture seeds, agriculture farm & dairy, agriculture weather links, agriculture business etc.

  50. website gives agricultural scenarios and new initiatives in agriculture.

  51. action for agricultural renewal in Maharashtra is for providing drinking water and agricultural extension services to villages in drought affected Maharashtra.

  52. focus of ENVIS is providing environmental information to decision makers, policy planners, scientists and engineers, research workers, etc all over the country. These Centres have been set up in the areas of pollution control, toxic chemicals, central and offshore ecology, environmentally sound and appropriate technology, bio-degradation of wastes and environment management, etc.

  53. - this website is a complete agri - info system for Kerala. Information on farming practices, fertilizers & pesticides, planting material are available.

  54. - agro bio-tech research centre ltd, the manufactures and distributors of bio-fertilizers, bio pesticides and organic manures, suitable for sustainable and organic agriculture. It produces different bio fertilizers viz. rhizobium, azospirillum, azotobacter, posphobacteria etc.

  55. is India's biggest commodity portal. The commodities are rice, basmati, barley, wheat, and oil seed.

  56. Andhra Pradesh agricultural websites gives detail information on pests and diseases, soil conservation, agriculture extension, farm mechanization etc.

  57. website is a supplier and exporter of all types of agricultural

  58. Indian Agri Trade Portal is an online initiative by APEDA, a platform for market intelligence for Indian exporters and entrepreneurs on global markets as well as bringing the Indian Exporters & the global buyers together to share buy/sell leads. It was conceived and instituted jointly by APEDA, UNCTAD and Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

  59. website is official website of United States Department of Agriculture provides advances in agriculture.

  60. Official website of Ministry of Agriculture, Republic Kenya with mandate of promote and facilitate production of food and agricultural raw materials for food security and incomes; advance agro based industries and agricultural exports; and enhance sustainable use of land resources as a basis for agricultural enterprises of Kenya.

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