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Agri subsidiary Companies


Expertise in providing Animal Genetics Services. Our experience in this field coupled with access to latest research & development tools enables us to offer professional Animal Genetics Services (Vetgene) with comprehensive coverage. Specialize in offering Animal Genetics Services that include Genetic Disease Test, Milk Production Trait Test, Animal Karyotyping, Paternity Testing and Brucellosis Detection PCR Test.

K. T. Corporations:

Manufacturer and supplier of coir pith which includes industrial coir piths. Also offering designer garments, curtains, table mat, apron, bread basket, table cloth, bed spreads, napkins, pot holder and gloves.

Essar Engineers:

Manufacturer and exporters of coir pith, coir pith dryer, coir pith block making machine, coir pith briquetting machine, coir pith grow bag making machine

Aanand Exporters:

Offering coir pith block and areca leaf plate.

Falcon Overseas Traders:

Manufacturer and exporters of coir pith, such as coir pith blocks, pure coconut coir pith, agricultural coil pith, water resistance coir pith, coconut coir pith and natural coconut coir pith.

Asiann Coir Products:

Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of coir pith such as coir pith blocks, biodegradable coir pith, coconut coir pith, husk coir pith, soil coir pith, natural coir pith and plant coir pith

Thiva Exim:

Manufacturer and exporters of coir pith and curled coir.

Asian Coir Products:

Manufacturer and supplier of coir piths that includes coir pith blocks and processed coir pith blocks. Also offering other products like coconut husk chips, natural coconut husk chips and coconut copra.

Global International:

We are a leading manufacturer of coir pith like coir fiber pith, organic coir fiber pith and natural coir pith. Also offers coir pith blocks, coir pith briquettes, coco peat and coir fibre.

ABC international:

Exporter of tamarind seeds and tamarind seeds kernel powder. We also offer tamarind products, pickled gherkins and natural fruit bars

Gee Win Exim:

Tamarind seeds and tamarind seeds kernel powder exporters.

Mithani Chem:

Exporters of tamarind and other spices and also solvent and food colours

Arjun Agri Industries:

Supplier and manufacturer of tamarind seeds which includes fresh tamarind seeds, indian tamarind seeds, natural tamarind seeds, pure tamarind seeds, organic tamarind seeds, agricultural tamarind seeds and traditional tamarind seeds.

Kalaikko Exim:

Exporter & supplier of a wide range of spices & derivatives which include tamarind seeds and tamarind seeds.

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