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Fertilizer is any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin that is added to a soil or sprayed to plant to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants.


  1. nitrogen (N)

  2. phosphorus (P)

  3. potassium (K)

  4. calcium (Ca)

  5. magnesium (Mg)

  6. sulfur (S)

Micro nutrients:

  1. boron (B)

  2. chlorine (Cl)

  3. copper (Cu)

  4. iron (Fe)

  5. manganese (Mn)

  6. molybdenum (Mo)

  7. zinc (Zn)

Plants require nutrients to grow and develop, Soil is the most important source of plant nutrients.


Under fertilizer (Control order 1985) Clause28

  1. An inspection may, with a view or securing compliance with this order

    • a) Require any manufacturer, pool handling agency, wholesale dealer or retail dealer to give any information in his possession with. Respect. T to the manufacture, storage and disposal of any fertilizer manufactured or, in any manner handled by him;

    • Draw samples of any fertilizer in accordance with the procedure of drawl of samples laid down in schedule ll.

    • Enter upon and search any premises where any fertilizer is. Manufactured or stored or exhibited for sale, if he has reason to believe that any fertilizer has been or is being mal) ufactured, sold, offered for sale , stored, exhibited for sale or distributed contrary to the provisions of this order;

    • Seize or detain any fertilizer in respect of which he has reason to believe that a contravention of this order has been or is being or is about to be commi-ed;

    • Seize any books of accounts or documents relating to manufacture, storage or sale of fertilizer, etc, in respect of which he has reason to believe that any contravention of this order has been or is being or is about to be committed; provided that the inspector shall give a receipt for such fertilizers or books of accounts or documents so seized to the person from whom the same have been seized;

    • Provided further that the books of accounts or documents so seized shall be returned to the person from whom they were seized atter copies thereof or extracts therefrom as certified by such person, have been taken.

    • Subject to the provision to paragraphs d) and e) of sub-clause (1), the provisions of the code of criminal procedure; 1973 (2of 1974) relating to search and seizure shall, so far as amy be apply to searches and seizures under this clause.

    • Provided also that the inspector shall give the stop sale notice in writing to the person whose stocks have been detained and initiate appropriate action as per provisions of this order within a period o f twenty one days. If no action has been initiated by the inspector within the said notice, the notice of stop sale shall be deemed to have been revoked.

    • Where any fertilizer is seized by an inspector under this clause, he shall forthwith report the fact of such seizure to the collector where upon the provisions of sections 6A, 68,6C, 6D and 6E of the Act. Shall apply to the custody disposal and confiscation of such fertilizers.

    • Every person, if so required by an inspector, shall be bound to afford all necessary facilities to him for the purpose of enabling him to exercise his powers under sub-clause(1).



    • Suspension of Registration certificate-clause 31 (2)

    • Cancellation of Registration certificate –clause 31(1)

    • Seizure of stock-clause 28 (1) (d)

    • Forfeiting stock-clause 31 (1), section 6 (b0 E.C.A

    • Stop sale notice-clause28 (2)

    • Warning notice

    • Sale of fertilizer at lower rates –clause 23 (10


    • Booking case in the court of law –section (1) A (11) ECA

      • Booking case in the special court.

      • F.I.R. in the police station

    • Restraining the guilty form business activities in Essential

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